Strategic Plan

Resource has set strategic goals to better serve and benefit the region.

Resource envisions a high quality of life for all (employers and employees alike) in Virginia’s Capital Region, and makes it its mission to enact this vision. To do so, Resource has set out to:

  • Catalyze change in the community to build an effective workforce development system;
  • Be a community facilitator and convener to identify issues and act collectively with partners to address them; and
  • Act as an intermediary/broker between the supply and demand sides of the workforce system about current and future skill needs to ensure mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes.

Our Goals

In order to follow through on the vision and mission, Resource created a Strategic Action Plan that outlines four key goals and several objectives per each goal.

Read the entire Resource Workforce Investment Board Strategic Plan here.

Goal 1: Establish recognition and credibility with business and economic development

Key Strategies
1.1 Continue to align the workforce development system with economic development strategies and provide the workforce skills development requires.

1.2 Manage personalized relationships with businesses through the Business Solutions Team that help to develop customized services for businesses.

1.3 Analyze jobs for skills required and conduct skills and educational assessments of candidates to improve the matching process, as well as conducting drug and background checks.

1.4 Work with businesses to analyze their needs and provide workforce related consulting services, as appropriate.

Goal 2: Influence the education system’s approach to helping individuals attain skills and credentials.

Key Strategies
2.1 Build and maintain relationships with educators.

2.2 Facilitate the on ramps to career pathways for jobseekers and develop methods for employers to reach into the pathways to find qualified individuals.

2.3 Support individuals (youth and adults) skills training in personal effectiveness skills (e.g. soft skills) and prepare youth for work-based learning opportunities and employment positions. For individual jobseekers (youth and adults) these services include: job search assistance, skills assessment, coaching, skills training that results in obtaining a certificate or a credential.

2.4 Support effective efforts designed to help vulnerable and disconnected youth obtain the credentials they need to find sustainable and meaningful employment.

Goal 3: Improve Resource’s financial standing and stabilize funding

Key Strategies
3.1 Produce a study on return on investment (ROI) every 2 years.

3.2 Increase non-WIA funding.

3.3 Prioritize funding to youth and adult programs that implement best practice and evidence based programming and that use data to track progress and evaluate their practices for the purposes of continuous improvement.

3.4 Align what is measured to what metrics are required to show results and impact to potential funders and to determine ROI.

Goal 4: Continue to establish the Resource brand

Key Strategies
4.1 Simplify the workforce development service delivery system’s processes to ensure that they are user friendly and create a positive customer experience.

4.2 Increase access to information about available training, services and workforce development opportunities for young people.

4.3 Improve service to achieve a customer focused delivery system for both businesses and jobseekers.

4.4 Clarify what Resource stands for/which entity(ies) the name identifies – the WIB, the partnership, the system, or all of these.

Goal 5: Become a 501c3 for the purpose of fundraising

Key Strategies
5.1 Begin the steps required to incorporate and become tax exempt.

Resource Workforce Investment Board Strategic Action Plan

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