Employee Development and Retention Services


The Employee Development and Retention Services offered by Resource Business Solutions are designed with this in mind. Our one-stop access to partners across the Capital Region gives us the ability to help tailor a training and retention plan that is perfect for your business. We can train current employees, assess skills needs, and even work to build a trained workforce base of potential future employees. We believe that the Capital Region has one of the most dynamic and motivated workforce’s in the nation, and we want to help you tap into this amazing resource.

Our Employee Development and Retention Services

Work Experience 
The Work Experience program is designed for job seekers who are new to a career or occupation, and for companies that are looking for new sources of talent. When you’re ready, we’ll gather a pool of qualified, pre-screened applicants and let you interview them and select the individuals you like. We then pay those individuals a stipend (and provide worker’s comp coverage) for them to work at your facility for up to 12 weeks. No employer – employee relationship exists. Consider this the prolonged interview. Job seekers win experience in a new industry or occupation in a real work environment. You win an opportunity to get to know them and to evaluate their work ethic without the obligation to hire them.

On-the-Job Training
Get new hires up to speed with OJT assistance. Hire someone from our pool of qualified, pre-screened applicants and we’ll reimburse up to 75% of their salary for up to 6 months while you provide training necessary for job success. This program also extends to existing employees who don’t earn a “self-sufficient wage” but would be promoted internally if they gained new skills. Have more than 50 employees? Then, we can reimburse up to 50% of their wages. When you’re able to slow down long enough to teach a new hire how to do his or her job properly, you’ll gain a loyal, trained employee and reduce turnover. Talk about saving money.

Incumbent Worker Training
The Incumbent Worker Training Program is designed for employers who need to upgrade their current employees’ skills. This need could be triggered by new management, new hardware, new software, or other business challenges. Rather than slowly become obsolete, we want you all to become more efficient, more competitive, and to continue to grow.

The application process is pretty simple. You pick the training provider. You pick the curriculum. You let us know how it will make a difference to your business. This could be multiple training modules over the course of a year or even train-the-trainer so you can bring costs in-house. Applications are reviewed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis and are subject to funding availability. Additional details are available below.

Click here for the Incumbent Worker Training program guidelines
Click here for the Incumbent Worker Training application

Financial Literacy Workshops
Providing employees with informational workshop on how to manage their finances

Conducting skill assessments of current employee and/or candidates as part of developing training for current workers and screening for candidates

Developing training for current and/or potential employees of new businesses and business expansions

More Information
Contact Resource Business Solutions Coordinator Felicia Ainsa for more information about Resource Business Solutions and the services we offer.