Career Pathways


Career pathways are planned connected education, training programs and support services that enable individuals, like yourself, to secure employment with a specific occupational sector and to advance over time to successively higher levels of education or employment in that sector.

Virginia Community College System – Career Pathways

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) is a leader in the development of career pathways in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Visit the VCCS Career Pathways website to learn more about career pathways.


National Career Pathways Network

The National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) is a membership organization for educators and employers involved in the advancement of Career Pathways, CTE, and related education reform initiatives. Originally formed in 1991 as the National Tech Prep Network (NTPN), NCPN continues NTPN’s legacy of providing information, support, and resources on topics including Career Pathways, Adult Career Pathways, Career Clusters, Career and Technical Education and Programs of Study. NCPN assists its more than 1,000 members in planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving secondary and postsecondary transition programs by facilitating the exchange of best practices among the country’s leading practitioners.