Youth Program Documents

Resource Youth Network Technical Assistance

Closeout Packet for PY14 will be made available soon.


If technical assistance is needed to complete this packet contact Alice Bowyer via email.

In an effort to deliver technical assistance and capacity building services and provide ongoing opportunities for the youth service providers to strengthen skill sets, increase competencies and abilities by developing ongoing learning opportunities in youth workforce development system and implementation. Resource has developed this page to serve as repository for training and materials related to carrying youth services in the Capital Region
The following is a list of resource’s youth program forms and policies. While not all of the forms are required but are intended as useful program support tools. The service providers are responsible for copying and maintaining the forms necessary for their day-to-day operation.

These forms are published for the benefit of Resource Youth Network Program Providers and Participants. Questions regarding these documents should be directed to the Youth Development Specialist, Brandon Carter.

Virginia Workforce Investment Letters (VWL)

VWL 13-02: Use of E-Verify for Right-to-Work Status

VWL 13-03: Use of Self-Attestation and Telephone for Program Eligibility

VWL 13-02 & 13-03 Revisions

VWL 13-03 Supplemental

VWL 13-04-2 Local-Plan-Update




Youth Service Contract Renewal Application Documents (VWL)

Resource Youth Services Budget Summary – PY 2014

Elements of a WIA Youth Program

Aligning Potential: Matching Needs and Resources of Youth with the Capital Region’s Future


Resource Youth Network Monitoring Documents (VWL)

Purpose of the monitoring is to establish Resource’s system of monitoring recipients and sub-recipients of all Workforce Investment Act (WIA) grants awarded and funds expended under WIA Title I to determine compliance with the Act and WIA regulations.

Section 667.410 of the WIA Regulations states that each recipient and sub-recipient must conduct regular oversight and monitoring of WIA activities and those of sub-recipients and contractors in order to:

(1) Determine that expenditures have been made against the cost categories and within the cost limitations specified in the Act and the regulations;
(2) Determine whether or not there is compliance with other provisions of the Act and the WIA regulations and other applicable laws and regulations; and
(3) Provide technical assistance as necessary and appropriate

Ensure that established policies to achieve program quality and outcomes meet the objectives of the Act and the WIA regulations, including policies and outcomes established by the Virginia Community College System and Resource.

Regular oversight and monitoring of the sub-recipient’s WIA activities under each program function or activity must be reviewed is mandatory to ensure compliance with WIA regulations and state and local policies. The major systems to be reviewed include:

(1) Administrative
(2) Financial
(3) Management Information System/Client Records
(4) Program Services

As a part of the process each sub-recipient must review and complete appropriate document in the Monitoring Guide (click here).

Youth Monitoring Review Document

WIA Financial Questionnaire

WIA Administrative Questionnaire

WIA Youth Questionnaire

Fiscal Administration On-Site Monitoring Guide

Resource Youth Network Mutli-Media Documentation

Work Experience Overview Presentation (PDF)

System-Wide Youth Training 9-12-14

VAWC Closure and exit 9-12-14

Youth Eligibility Training 10-16-14

Youth Program Work Experience Forms

Youth Participant Worksite Information Form

Request for Youth Worksite Placement Form

Worksite Agreement Form

Worksite Supervisor Manual

Youth Participant Handbook