When the world is busy online, it should be a top priority for a recruiting agency’s marketing department to ensure that carefully crafted email content doesn’t end up in a candidate’s delete folder.

But with over 300 billion business emails being sent worldwide every day, trying to penetrate a huge amount of digital noise can often seem like an arduous struggle. However, industry professionals can gain a competitive advantage and ensure they are talking to the right people about the right job opportunities when they use intuitive marketing automation.

That’s because not only does it make life easier, but in this case it unlocks marketing campaigns for recruiters who want to create and send humanized content that engages the recipients with content they care about want read through their favorite channels.

Here are some of the reasons more recruitment agencies and their marketing teams should turn to automation if they want to interact with candidates on a more granular level and improve their overall conversion rate …

1. Every piece of digital communication can be hyper-personalized

With adept technology, marketers can analyze millions of critical data telling them all about the current professional interests and needs of a candidate. From this insight they can then begin to get a more complete picture of their recipient and knows the type of ultra-personalized content they interact with.

When an enigmatic and energetic recruitment agency wants to talk to a job seeker about a relevant position, the last thing it wants to do is be seen as another cold caller sending the same tired – and often irrelevant – message to hundreds of other candidates who are ultimately taken up easily by everyone. Not only is this a waste of time, it can be immeasurably damaging to the brand’s reputation as these candidates will soon be moving to a competitor who understands their specific career needs.

2. Do you have a problem with the deliverability of emails? No more…

The latest news bulletin full of job openings came in, but it received little to no engagement or had a very low engagement rate. When a marketing team experiences these issues, it can run into deliverability issues.

By leveraging automation, marketers can start filtering out the data that is being linked to Why Engagement is low – for example, it could be bot traffic or the bounce rate is high because the recruiting agency’s CRM doesn’t automatically update “dead” email addresses when employees leave their jobs and move on. Being armed with this information and acting on it should help recruiter brands stop these recurring issues as quickly as possible and ensure they are emailing the right candidates.

3. Job seekers feel supported at all times

A cold email sent thoughtlessly is likely to either be deleted immediately or ignored by the recipient entirely because a recruiter doesn’t take the time to get to know it – and you can tell.

It is important to support candidates with their next career move – and marketing teams can support this grooming process from start to finish. Not only will it build trust, but it will also be an extra layer of support that encourages positive word of mouth and builds brand loyalty.

A great way to cultivate a relationship with a job hunter is through a five-step marketing automation email sequence:

  1. The ‘introduction‘: Explain who the recruiter is and why they are calling
  2. The next is’gain‘: Highlighting what the candidate will achieve by using the recruiter’s services
  3. Then there is the ‘anxiety‘The Missing: Designed to describe what would happen if the recipient didn’t respond to this particular recruiter’s advice
  4. The fourth stage is’social proof‘: Evidence of the experience of other candidates through testimonials and case studies
  5. And finally, ‘urgency‘: Ask readers to act now, before the opportunity goes to someone else.

If recruiters and their marketing departments follow this framework, they should start building a bank with highly qualified candidates who are given positions that are relevant to them.

It is important to emphasize that automation should not be enough all of work when it comes to the relationship between a recruitment brand and a job seeker. There has to be a lot of human interaction everywhere – after all, it takes six touchpoints for someone to really get involved. However, this technology should activate a deeper understanding of what each candidate is interested in at that particular point in time and will save marketers several hours each week as they create emails in seconds to improve all of their digital communications.

By Adam Oldfield, CEO of Force24 marketing automation platform.

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