Recruiting and Screening Services


Our recruiting and screening services are designed to make building your workforce as simple as possible. We focus on advertising job openings, screening applicants, and conducting recruitment events so that you can focus on building your business. Our goal is to create an individualized workforce development plan that facilitates your success.
Many companies use our job listing services as a part of their own Diversity & Inclusion or EOE plans. We can also target our outreach to get to specific groups, like veterans, youth, seniors, the disabled, Spanish speakers, and others according to your workforce needs. If you’re having difficulty finding the quantity or quality of candidates you need, let us help. Did we already mention our services are free?

Our Recruiting and Screening Services

Advertise Job Openings

Matching your business with the quality candidates you need to succeed is key, and posting your employment openings on the Virginia Workforce Network Connection is the all-important first step. We’ve partnered with the Virginia Employment Commission to list local job openings on the Virginia Workforce Connection, a free, state-wide database that lets you post jobs and search for candidates, and candidates can search for you. Click the link to login and list you job openings right away.

After you’ve listed your job openings with the Virginia Workforce Connection, please email a copy to our Business Solutions Coordinator Wes Seaton at along with any screening information that will help us narrow the search. With an average of 3,300 unique job seekers coming through our Resource Workforce Centers each month AND an email network of 800+ workforce professionals in our region, we can certainly spread word far and wide of your job openings.

Screen Applications

We screen applicants to your specifications to help quickly identify your top applicants. Typical requests include screening for technical skills, past work experience, and criminal history. All of the job seekers we assist through our Resource Workforce Centers also have completed academic and aptitude assessments, giving us insight into their suitability for job positions.

Meet the Recruiter

With three centers in the region and access to our partners’ sites, we can always find a free facility for you to get in front of job seekers. Or we can run an event at your facility! We help with all aspects of the event – marketing, planning, and actually running it. This is a great opportunity to interact directly with job seekers.

Job Fairs

We host job fairs on a regular basis throughout the region. Pooling multiple employers together attracts job seekers. These job fairs can be “open to the public” or “invitation-only” depending upon your needs. We also run job fairs by industry to better target job seekers with the desired skill sets. Looking for an upcoming job fair? Let us know. Between us and our partners, there’s always another job fair just around the corner that you can participate in.

Virginia’s Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

Need an objective measure of an applicant’s job readiness? The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is an assessment-based, nationally recognized credential that uniformly measures key workplace skills. The CRC’s Virginia Skills Bank is a searchable database of occupational profiles to assist in better application selection and reduced turnover.
Learn more about how the CRC can work for your business at Virginia’s CRC website.
More Information

Contact Business Solutions Coordinator Wes Seaton at for more information about our Recruiting and Screening Services.