Do you remember the letter writer who accidentally threw condoms on his interviewer’s desk? He had mentioned in the comments that he had been contacted for a second interview, and here is the update.

I am very happy to already give you an update on the infamous condom throwing incident.

First things first: I HAVE THE JOB! The second interview I was invited to was not a Mandated Anti-Deviancy seminar, but a “Meet the Whole Team and Welcome Aboard” situation. Everything went so well that I couldn’t believe it; everyone loved me to start and I was so excited to be there (and so relieved that the condom situation was apparently behind us) (hah).

I spent the week shadowing / exercising with my first interviewer (the eyewitness to the condom incident) and we got along so well that I almost wondered if I should bring up what had happened in my interview, just to clear the air. But she didn’t mention it, so I didn’t mention it. I figured everyone involved had chosen to quietly look away, and my story would live on for the rest of my life through first date conversations / embarrassing story contests – or something I could finally confess at my retirement party forty years from now. All’s well that ends, right?

Now comes the real fun: a few days after my official start, I was invited to a happy hour after work with all of my new colleagues. After a few cocktails and a long funny one-on-one conversation with my new BFF, my interviewer / trainer / new colleague, I had to get rid of it: I brought up the incident. I raised the incident !! As soon as I got out the story (confession?), She started laughing so much that she had to sit down.

It turned out: She actually remembered the condom incident, but only barely – because as soon as we finished our first interview, she had gone to the bathroom and found that she had lipstick on her front teeth throughout the conversation. News for me: I hadn’t noticed the lipstick because I was so humiliated about the condoms; she barely remembered the condoms because she’d humbled herself about the lipstick. My condom incident was your lipstick incident!

Despite the fact that I apparently stumbled into some sort of Three Stooges episode at work, we’re all fine. After we got up off the floor, we swore secrecy to each other, and I think I fit in well. The end!

PS – as some commenters have brought up, the new job (and my industry) actually requires a lot of writing; I must have felt rusty after such a long, long period of unemployment, so reading positive feedback about it was especially important. In fact, all of the supportive comments here were so uplifting as I stumbled through a humiliating and agonizing time after the interview; I felt like I was supported by a whole host of new friends!

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