It’s the Thursday question “Ask the Readers”. One reader writes:

I work a job for which I am “more” overall. There are a lot of good things: it’s a reputable company with fantastic pay and benefits, I’m really fine now (just promoted), and some days I like it or even really. That said, it’s definitely not something I’m passionate about, and I’m also frustrated because, despite performing well, I still lag behind my peers (I was on the losing side of some company policies a few years ago). .

The thing is, my husband has an INCREDIBLY lucrative job so now neither of us will ever have to go back to work if we don’t want to. He will keep working because he absolutely loves his job and he always encourages me to quit my job and pursue my passion.

Looking to the future, I don’t see myself in a corporate role. I have some one-off creative projects that I want to pursue, but no obvious way to turn those projects into a meaningful or successful career. I am really reluctant to quit my job because while I don’t love it, I can at least spend my days doing something that sometimes makes sense and offers some level of intellectual challenge. I worry that if I quit my job I will be pursuing these fun projects that are going nowhere, and I will regret that I did not spend the years in my current job that I was at least to some extent can refer to performance. I know that I can return to my current position (or an equivalent position in another company) at any time, but I already feel behind my colleagues and a few years off will only make it worse.

Also, I recently hired someone (starting in a few months) and she told me when she accepted the offer that one of the main reasons she chose the position was because she was eager to work with me. So I would feel guilty if I went to anything else.

At the same time, it feels silly to stay in a role I’m not keen on when I don’t have to and miss the chance to pursue an alternative career that could be really cool (even if the odds are very slim ) me). Any advice on what to do?

Reader, what’s your advice?

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