Too often people have difficulty finding a new job because they lack the skills to find a job.

You may never have had to look for a job or the last time you looked a long time ago (over 5 years). Or you just don’t get the results you want.

Both managing your career and finding a job require updating your skills and keeping up with the trends. You don’t want to be passed over or left behind on a promotion because you don’t have current skills.

If you don’t know how today’s job search works, you are likely to miss opportunities, present yourself poorly, or find yourself in an unsatisfactory job.

And I’ll say something else. If you were looking for a job months ago (November 2020 – May 2021 or so) you might have done some of the “right” things, but a lot of companies just weren’t hiring. Don’t automatically think that you did something wrong.

This week’s round-up gives you plenty of opportunities to expand your job search know-how and skills. You will need this information now and in the near future!

You will find information on:

  • Courses and webinars to improve your skills
  • LinkedIn features and hacks
  • Tips for people with unemployment benefits running out
  • Job interview worksheet
  • a tool for your career

Hope you are following some of these talented experts!


What is the big makeover and how can you get the most of it? (These free courses can help) | Dan Brodnitz from LinkedIn

Take one of these LinkedIn Learning courses for free until October 9th! They range from helping with job hunting to managing and working remotely and more!

No Fear Job Search Webinar Series | Job scan

This is the second year Jobscan is offering free learning opportunities to job seekers! PS: I am offering the session on September 23 by the name Job search after 50.


LinkedIn closes LinkedIn Stories | Social media today

Stories, you know, LinkedIn’s version of Instagram Stories that could only be seen and created from your mobile device is disappearing. Maybe what’s popular on a social media channel doesn’t work on every channel.

LinkedIn cover story – recap | Gillian Whitney

Not to be confused with stories, your cover story is a 30-minute video that you upload and can be viewed by anyone who visits your LinkedIn profile. Learn how it works and how to make a video (even if you are uncomfortable in front of the camera). Now there is no longer an excuse not to have one! (Everyone has access!)

When your unemployment ends

If you ran out of Extended Unemployment Benefit yesterday, do so today! | The voice of the job seeker

Mark A. Dyson goes through the steps you should take when your unemployment benefit ends and you need money. It includes short term fixes and longer term ideas.

The best sites to find job vacancies now | The balance

Not all job postings are posted immediately. If you are looking for a job to earn income ASAP (especially if you recently lost your unemployment benefits) these websites and ideas could be good sources for you.


How to prepare for your interview (+ free worksheet and checklist) | Great résumés quickly

If you have an upcoming interview, check out this very detailed checklist. Who would have thought there was so much to do before the interview!


How to use Ikigai in your career strategy | Newsletter Dorothy Dalton 💥 – Issue # 1 – Ikigai and career strategy

Learn how you can build a better career for yourself by finding the intersection between these four things:

  • what you love
  • what you are good at
  • what will pay you what you want
  • what the world needs


I was a guest on these two topics.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of finding a job this fall | The checklist for modern job seekers

Mark A. Dyson and I talked about today’s modern job search and some of the good, bad, and ugly things we’ve seen.

LinkedIn, the latest and the greatest (for professional practitioners) | Top careers

Jim Peacock (Peak Careers) hosted a conversation with Bob McIntosh, Edythe Richards, and me about some of the recent changes and features on LinkedIn that career coaches should be aware of.